• A novel regulatory mechanism for human interferon lambda has been defined

  • A new graduate student begins her work towards an M.S. at HUMIGEN, graduation expected 2013

  • HUMIGEN opens two new research laboratories, in Lymphocyte Signaling and Cellular Immunology

  • HUMIGEN begins recruiting SLE patients for a novel biomarker discovery study

  • A HUMIGEN Research Associate graduates May 2011 with an M.S. in Molecular Pathology and Immunology

  • HUMIGEN begins recruiting asthma patients for a novel biomarker discovery study

  • A new soluble variant of the human IL-23 receptor inhibits the development of human Th17 cells

  • Two graduate students are working towards their M.S. in HUMIGEN, graduation expected 2012

  • HUMIGEN begins recruiting IBD patients for a novel biomarker discovery study

  • A novel feedback loop between the Th2 response and interferon lambda is mediated by monocytes

  • A new Ph.D. student begins work in HUMIGEN research laboratories


Welcome to HUMIGEN, The Institute for Genetic Immunology.

HUMIGEN is an independent basic research organization whose mission is to understand the relationship between human health, the immune system, and disease pathogenesis and outcome.

HUMIGEN was formed in January 2007 with a role to bring a long-term program of basic and translational research into being that would address upcoming areas of human immunology, and the function and genetics of immune response.

Our goal is to understand how the immune system works and is regulated, and to understand how faults in its regulation influence human health. Using this information we probe disease biology in order to identify markers of disease development and prognosis, and targets for therapeutic intervention. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the diagnosis and treatment of immune system-mediated diseases, and advance human health.

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